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Event date: 5/1/2017 6:00 PM Export event

Event Location: Alvernia College - 540 Upland Avenue; Room 227 in Reading, PA

Tony DiGirolamo

Reading PA

BENG Chapter Event


Alvernia College
Alvernia Upland Center Building
Room 227
540 Upland Avenue
Reading, PA 19611

Directions: Take US 422 through Reading to the Business Route 222/Lancaster Ave. Exit on the left. There will be signs before the exit for Alvernia University. At the end of the exit ramp there is a traffic light. Turn right at the light and get immediately into the left lane. Make a left immediately at the light onto Route 10. Go about a mile on Route 10 to Upland Avenue on the right. Go on Upland Avenue two stop signs. You will pass a Bar and Grill on the right and at next stop sign Noble Street; you will see Alvernia Upland Center Building on the left. Park in the parking lot in front of the building. The room is upstairs on the far left end of the building

Attendees:  Please RSVP by sending an email to Tony at


1.      Each attendee will get a chance to deliver their two-minute elevator speech.

2.      Share recent successes and failures.

3.      Present networking requests.

4.      Discuss job search questions and concerns.

5.      Apprise the group of any new searches, requests, etc. that they have become aware of.


1.      Please bring your "one pager" (twenty-five copies).

a.      This should provide your contact information at the top.

b.      Followed by a brief  overview of you and your background.

c.       Finally your target company list and a list of people you would like to meet.

2.      One Pager should be handed out to the attendees just before you make your presentation, thus helping them to provide you with targeted assistance and advice.

3.      Please have copies of your resume available to hand out to those interested parties who may want to learn more about you or pass it on to individuals they think may be interested in talking to you.

4.      Bring a name tag to wear and a "name" tent card to place on the table in front of you.

5.      If you represent a business, please bring business cards and/or flyers.

Attire: Business casual

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