BENG is a multi-discipline, all-volunteer group of job seekers, employed and self-employed individuals, and business networkers who are willing to help others expand their professional network and business connections.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mid- to senior-level professionals seeking employment with a forum that will facilitate job search and enhance networking skills. BENG, and our members, provide employment information, opportunities for networking, access to tools to accelerate your job search, and emotional support and guidance to help you during your period of transition.


We rely upon the spirit of generosity, cooperation and the willingness of our members to “pay-it-forward”, whether in transition, employed or self-employed, to accomplish this mission.

Build Your Network

BENG’s powerful network of members offer each other different ways to build and maintain a network of professionals that you can leverage throughout your career for job search, professional development, business opportunities, and career advice and guidance. BENG members even often develop close relationships with one or two members that become trusted colleagues that support and trust each other all during their professional career.

New to Networking?

Great! BENG provides networking training and tools, and a supportive atmosphere of high-value, face-to-face networking opportunities to help you build and grow your networking skills. We have experienced members to “show you how it’s done”, and other members that are in various skill levels to help provide emotional support, share their personal experiences and help guide you as your networking skills.

Job and Business Leads

For those in transition or looking to move on from your current position, BENG provides a forum to foster relationships that can lead to your next great job opportunity or business venture. BENG members are from over 14 different disciplines, and have built powerful connections into hundreds of companies that can help you tap in to unpublished positions, the “hidden” job market, and give you an “in” into the companies you are targeting for your job search.


Already employed? Great!

Chances are that someone in your current network helped you in some way to find or get that job. So “Pay it Forward” by helping someone else find their next job opportunity. Whether you are actively networking or not, you more than likely have built, and are continuing to build, great relationships with colleagues at past or current companies that someone in transition can benefit from. Helping someone in their job search is a positive and rewarding experience!

Networking Opportunities

BENG has a variety of networking opportunities. There are currently 17 BENG chapters in 7 states and, thanks to the generosity of our members, more are forming each day. Monthly chapter meetings are the core of BENG’s service to members. These meetings are primarily for those in transition, but also provide a great opportunity for employed or self-employed members to help others, while sharpening their networking skills and growing their own professional network.

Prefer one-on-one networking?

Absolutely! BENG members are very giving of their time and always willing to help a fellow member. While many of our members are working, many are able to grab a quick cup of coffee at a local establishment, or spend time with you before or after chapter meetings. When you join BENG, we provide you with a guide or “mentor” who takes on the responsibility of introducing you to the organization, our services, and other members. But no pressure! Your mentor, and our members, are here to help support you and provide the guidance you need to harness the power of networking, in the “style” and pace you are comfortable with.

Membership Database

At the heart of the benefits that BENG offers its membership is our exclusive membership database. Extremely user-friendly and searchable, the database makes it possible to find the people you need at any point in your career. BENG members have a profile page that includes information about their educational and professional background, previous and current work experience, as well as contact information. Message members directly on the website, contact them directly to ask for advice or suggestions, or just follow them so you are notified when they contribute to the BENG library of useful blogs and forums.

How can I use this database?

The database allows you to search by any keyword you can come up with. Whether you’re looking for members who have worked at a particular company you’re interested in, professionals with experience in an area of expertise you have questions about, entrepreneurs who have skills you are seeking for your own business, or a fellow colleague in your functional area you share experiences with or bounce ideas off of, you can easily locate the members that meet your needs.


NETWORKING – the relationships you build and maintain with other professionals – has become the most valuable skill in a professionals’ tool kit. The days when managers and executives devoted the majority of their lives to working for one company are over.  Due to the invention of new technologies, corporate acquisitions, downsizing, the movement of businesses and manufacturing operations overseas and the shrinkage of middle management within many organizations, jobs are becoming more scarce, particularly for those in mid- to senior-level management. In the current landscape, the average employee tenure is just under five years, and under three years for millennials. We need to build, extend and maintain our connections with a wide variety of experts, when we are employed and when we are not! 

Networking isn’t rocket science. In a way, we have all been networking our whole lives. You have been building and maintaining relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues throughout your lifetime. While professional networking is for a different purpose and goals, it starts with same basic principles as you use with personal relationships. But, it does require attention and diligence in maintaining these relationships. In short, professional networking has rules, both written and unwritten. Do it right and you have strong connections that will serve you for life; do it wrong and you miss out on opportunities to grow professionally.
Considering the importance of networking in every professional's career in the 21st century, it's surprising how little many of us know about the intricacies and mechanics of essential networking skills.

National Network

BENG has a national network of powerful networking professionals who have come to value long-term professional relationships with other like-minded people who are in a position to mentor, advise and share leads and contacts with each other. Once you become a member, you will benefit from the “members helping members” philosophy, you will understand the true power in networking, and make it a lifelong process.

BENG Networking Tools

While the membership database is the heart of the benefits of BENG, the networking process our members learn and use is the soul. Our networking processes and practices have been developed and refined over our 10 years in existence. BENG has embraced the use of new technology and incorporated it into our networking process to make it more powerful than ever.

The Benefits of Membership


  • Meet with other Local Entrepreneurs
  • Showcase Your Services to BENG membership
  • Establish credibility by publishing BENG blogs with links to Facebook and Linkedin
  • Get answers, ideas best practices from experienced membership
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Working Professionals

  • Establish and maintain relationships
  • Access to members in your area of expertise
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Opportunity to Mentor younger professionals
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Professionals In Transition

  • Database of High Level Executives
  • Search our extensive Job Board
  • Learn interviewing skills, resume tips and much more
  • Establish ongoing relationships with future candidates in transition
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Monthly Chapter Meetings In Action

Each of our 17 chapters has a monthly networking meeting, but as a member you have the ability to attend as many chapter meetings as you want. These meetings are run in different locations and different days of the month, and are run by the Chapter Leader or a meeting facilitator. While meetings are handled differently depending on the facilitator and number of meeting attendees, they are all designed to help members get the maximum benefit. 

BENG Monthly Networking Meetings are primarily for the benefit of those in transition, who are called upon first. Experienced members present first so first time meeting attendees can get an understanding of the process and flow.

About the meetings:

  • Approximately 2 hours in length
  • Held monthly, on various days through the month (See calendar here.) Link to find a chapter page
  • Range from 10 to 35 attendees; the average meeting size is 20.
  • Include a mix of job seekers, employed professionals and self-employed members
  • Attendees have 2 minutes to introduce themselves, talk about their background and expertise, and to present their Target Companies and networking needs.
  • Individual networking can be done before and after most meetings.

Exclusive Opportunities

Job Leads

Tap into the “hidden” job market with the BENG Job Board. Jobs are posted by employed members from the companies they work for, in transition members who find interesting opportunities during their own job search process that aren’t a good fit for them, and self-employed members from companies that they deal with in their business.


While posted positions are active, this also brings a lot of competition. Making a list of target companies and networking into them through fellow BENG members can help you be aware of these opportunities before they are posted.

Elite Professional Contacts

High-Value Connections

Since our membership is comprised of mid- to senior-level professionals, members presumably already have developed a strong professional network during the course of their career. Our “members helping members” philosophy creates the expectation that BENG members will help to leverage their own networks to benefit other members.


BENG networking events provide the opportunity to make meaningful connections to other like-minded members who are willing to give up their time and experience to help each other. With new chapters starting every month, new members join and every new member brings additional high-value connections and leads that you can leverage in your networking.

Mentoring from personal experience

Supportive Environment

Being in transition is a highly emotional time for anyone. With jobs more scarce at the mid and senior management levels, it can seem even more distressing. The majority of our currently membership joined BENG when we were in transition, so we have the unique ability to support and guide our in-transition members.


Many companies are not providing the services they used to for in-transition employees that they did in the past. BENG provides the guidance and help in all areas of transition. Whether it is reviewing your resume, doing mock interviewing, providing connections into the companies of the job postings you are going after, or just listening, BENG members are there to help.

BENG Membership Status

Committed Professionals
In Transition


Our BENG Membership today consists of 44% In Transition members, 41% Employed members, and 15% Self Employed members

25% have been members for more than 5 years.

“Networking is a lifelong experience.”

- Peter Frost, President, Business Executives Networking Group

The power of networking can be harnessed to find yourself a new job or career, help a fellow member find a new job or career, forge meaningful business relationships; uncover new business opportunities, and get “insider” information on your target companies. BENG meetings and events can also help you find someone who becomes a trusted colleague, find a new business partner, or even make a lifelong friend.


Most people join BENG to help them while they are in-transition. But our members stay because of the members who gave up their time to help them during their transition. Our members want to “pay it forward” and help others achieve their goals by harnessing the power of networking.


Feel free to contact us and find out more about our organization.


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