The Business Executives Networking Group (BENG)
and The Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group (PAGCG) have combined forces.


This website is now up only for reference and will shut down soon.  Please go to to get information about The BENG and PAGCG. 

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Welcome to BENG

BENG is the Business Executives Networking Group

What BENG Does

BENG provides professional networking opportunities focused on in-person meetings and online communications and resources.

How BENG Delivers Value

BENG provides a multi-discipline networking and career advancement resource.

Build & Enhance
Your Network

Job & Business Leads


Member Data

In-person meetings are important to connecting with people at your own level.

Monthly BENG networking meetings are supplemented with special meetings and online events.

Attend meetings, then follow up using the online system. Stay in touch between meetings. Build stronger relationships with those you have met. Plus, find those you haven’t yet met and initiate a new connection.

Merging in-person and online networking resources empowers your networking efforts.

Some job leads come from published ads; others come from people with inside info on the company and recent changes there.

BENG offer access to both, through networking and our online job postings.

You’ll have access to leads you might otherwise miss or discover too late. Plus, you have a network of people to help you leverage the leads.

Better networking techniques. Perfecting your elevator speech. Building a more effective resume. Creating a one-pager. Moving your resume past automated document systems.

BENG resources can help you navigate through the transition with expert advice and implementations.

Members and BENG leaders curate the best of the best and make them available to you. That saves you hundreds of hours in researching and wasted efforts.

Our membership database offers the most important and relevant info on BENG members. You can quickly identify and connect with members who have the background or connections that can help you most.

You can also easily find the people for whom YOU can offer the most assistance

Reaching out to others has never been easier.

BENG offers in-person networking opportunities and enhancements to networking skills. This can broaden one’s professional network and help form great friendships.

Who Are BENG Members

BENG members include those in career transition, employed professionals, and self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners.

Members work in a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, architecture, construction, software, and others.

Their roles are multi-disciplined and include CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other members of the C-suite; finance, operations, marketing and sales professionals; project managers; scientists, researchers, and health care professionals; software programmers and others.

Their unifying element is the belief that networking is a crucial asset in furthering their professional goals and advancing in their careers.

How You Can Benefit from BENG

Whichever of the groups you belong to, BENG offers real value to you.




In Transition


Self Employed and Business Owners


In-person networking meetings

Professional Development Resource Access FULL FULL FULL LIMITED
Member Database Access FULL FULL FULL NONE
Ability to post professional info on BENG site FULL FULL FULL LIMITED
BENG email system to contact other members FULL FULL FULL NONE
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For those in career transition

BENG provides employment information, access to tools to accelerate your job search, and emotional support and guidance. You can search the membership by name, job title, company and job function to request assistance in your search.

For currently employed individuals

Benefits include access to employment opportunities and tools for accelerating a job search. They also have the opportunity to help their company identify highly qualified candidates, and to assist others in their job search.

For the self-employed and business owners

Benefits include potential staff, partnerships or clients, and an ability to help others achieve their career and other life goals.


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