BENG is a nonprofit organization providing mid to senior level professionals with a forum that will enhance their networking skills.  For those members in-transition BENG offers tools to accelerate their job search including opportunities for networking, targeted employment information and emotional support.  For employed and self-employed members BENG offers a platform to meet community and professional leaders and cultivate relationships with like-minded individuals who are interested in expanding their business.  "Members Helping Members" is also a core value of the organization, for we rely upon the spirit of generosity and cooperation of our members - whether in-transition, employed or self-employed - to accomplish this mission.

Who We Are

The BENG is a multidiscipline, independent group of business networkers - both job seekers and those currently employed or self-employed - who are willing to help others maintain their networks. Current membership includes mid- to senior-level executives from financial management, information technology, legal, manufacturing, engineering, transportation, logistics, distribution and general management, to name a few of the disciplines. We actively seek new members from all disciplines, as we have found that such diversity benefits all members.

We are an all volunteer group with an annual membership fee of $35. There is an expectation in joining the BENG organization that you are willing to help other members in their networking endeavors. Current membership is over 1,500, of whom approximately 45% are employed, 15% are self-employed and 40% are unemployed.

Networking is for Life

"Networking is for Life" is a common truism we assert, for although staying in touch with business contacts  is critical when looking for new opportunities, networks are built and must be nurtured throughout all life's opportunities.

BENG Provides our Members:

  • A supportive atmosphere of high-value, face-to-face networking opportunities
  • Relevant professional contacts for the unemployed, employed and self-employed
  • An emotionally supportive environment for those in career transition
  • Education and assistance for those members desiring to build, maintain or expand their network

Members Helping Members

"Members Helping Members" is a core value of the organization, for we rely upon the spirit of generosity and cooperation of our members to accomplish this mission.

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