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Solicitation Policy

BENG's solicitation policy for entrepreneurs

BENG Solicitation Policy

The BENG Solicitation Policy is to ensure that members are free to network within BENG without a concern that their contact information is being used for marketing purposes.

The BENG networking experience is primarily intended to be a “safe zone” of members helping members with carrier progression introductions and not as an opportunity to solicit members for sales. BENG acknowledges, however, that members, in the course of their normal occupation, may provide a relevant service or product, which might be of interest or value to other BENG members in transition.

BENG members are encouraged to support each other’s professional development in a warranted manner, which may include supporting another members’ private business interest.

BENG members shall respect other members by not:

  • Overly-promoting their business interests with solicitations at BENG meetings.
  • Mass marketing using the BENG database via email, direct mail, telephone or other means is strictly prohibited.
  • Broadcast messaging on the BENG website with the approval of the BENG webmaster and/or President is permitted up to three times per calendar year and may be subject to an advertising fee as determined by the President.

BENG members MAY:

  • Casually reference one’s business and its functions during BENG networking meetings. Passive marketing is permitted via approved links from the BENG website at the discretion of the BENG Chapter Leader and/or President.
  • Make BENG chapter meeting presentations with relevant content upon approval of the Chapter Leader. For example: a presentation on tax changes by a financial planner is acceptable. However, no active advertising or business promotion is allowed as part of any BENG presentation.
  • Sponsor events on an equal basis when sponsorship is requested by the event organizer.
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